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I lost my usb stick!

2010-07-07 15:35:53 by UchihaF0xTech

I lost my USB stick today, i dont actualy mind loosing the stick but the thing on it, cause i had "The Ninja Element" on it! So much work i spent on that....

It was found! It was in the place i left it in... Plugged in into the pc at skewl XD

The Ninja Element

2010-07-04 16:28:47 by UchihaF0xTech

The Ninja Element is coming along brilliant, the character customazation is finished and now im working on the actuall game and stuff exept that the characters look cheap cause i suck at drawing :(.

My projects Doodle Jump and Mini EVE are now finally published! Be aware that they are still under construction!


2010-06-15 03:02:31 by UchihaF0xTech

Check out Tomsworld! I am currently working on "miniEVE" and "Doodle Jump" and other projects so im busy but i wil try to post some of my animations if I have time :D